a million miles and 40 minutes

from London

A-Z of what's there and what to take

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Please make suggestions! This list is updated regularly by YOUR contributions
Appliances Lots! There’s a kettle, toaster, percolator, urn, hoover, steam iron, even a radio and tv
Artist Materials There is an excellent easel which has been donated and a superb box of water colours
Bathroom There is hot running water for bowl baths but no shower yet! It is a cabin! Toilet? Yes, see below
Binoculars Provided as well as bird and tree books
Batteries You will need 5 or 6 AA for the small torch and smoke/C02 detector. If you bring rechargeable there’s a charger.
Bird spotting There is a basic bird spotting identification book
Beds Double bed in the bedroom area plus in the sitting room there's a single. (Also a single mattress, comfy sofa + camp bed)
Boots + Galoshes : Wellies in winter and a hat! (Some Wellies are available in the tool shed)
Books : There are a few books on the shelves but suitable donations welcome!  
Camera + Memory cards/Film - People often regret not having one with them
Camp bed There is one available by arrangement if you need to sleep 5/6
CD Player There is basic radio/cassette and CD player there. Bring own CD’s!
Cleaning materials : Washing up liquid and cleaning stuff is usually there but Eco stuff always welcome
C02 Detector - Latest model (uses 2 AA batteries)
Full size gas cooker with 4 rings, grill and oven
Cooking Utensils Provided: There are many pots and pans and almost every item of cutlery you could think of.
Coffee Percolator There is a fab 70’s Russell Hobbs percolator. Great cup of coffee (bring coarse ground)
Coffee Maker There is also a Filter coffee maker. (Bring small filter papers if you want to use this)
Cafetiere Yes! There’s one there too! What gives you the impression Peter is (was) a caffeine addict?!
Cushions Meditation cushions and blocks and pillows and cushions!
Cutlery There’s loads and even some fairly good sharp cooks knives
Duvets Good duvets provided but please bring your own linen. We do not provide a laundry service for the cabin.
Easel There is a 5 ft A frame easel for artists to make use of
Ecover : washing up fluid and cream cleanser always welcome.
The cabin has a mains electricity supply (a very rare winter storm did cause a power cut in 2005!)
Floodlight For essential use and not suitable for overnight outside lighting
Fire Extinguishers - Installed
Fire – log burner/Stove. There’s an abundance of wood on the forest floor and it’s free!
Firelighters : Bring these if you want to use the log burner (Apologies to all Scouts, Guides, Lumberjacks and Iron John!)
Food : Sometimes there are dry goods eg salt/pepper, rice, tea/coffee etc but ask beforehand as we don't monitor stocks
Food mixer There is a new soup whizzer blender donated by Padmagita (8/10)
Fridge but it doesn't’t have a  freezer compartment
Fuel Provided. Electricity is on mains. Bottled Gas for cooking and log burner. Please bring logs back to the garden for chopping
Gardening There’s gloves to wellies and every tool you could think of
Gloves: There are heavy duty gloves there for gardening and doing the gutters and chores
Heaters There is a gas heater for use whilst the log burner is being lit etc not for constant use
Humidifier and an automatic dehumidifier/warm air heater etc.
Hoover There is a good Miele vacuum cleaner
Insect repellent : There hasn't been a presence of summer midges for about 4 years
Kettle Electric kettle provided
Keys - There are key-code entry locks which will be given upon confirmation of booking
Lawnmower: DO NOT TURN THE PETROL MOWER ON ITS SIDE PLEASE. It costs £60 to fix and will not work afterwards!
Lawnmowers: There are Petrol and Electric flymo mowers, strimmers etc
Laundry -  See linen below - we do not provide bed linen or towels
Linen : The main bed is a Double and there are 2 singles and a blow up mattress as well. Duvets and pillows are provided but
LINEN - PLEASE bring your own linen sheets/duvet covers/pillow cases and towels.
Log Burner No shortage of wood! Replace what you use please. Chop/saw logs or just collect and talk to Peter about log-pile.
Map Provided - Ordnance Survey map
Matches Take new : Although there's usually some there, they sometimes go soft (winter)
Marvel milk powder some in stock usually or UHT/Soya milk.
Medication : The cabin is not near a chemist! If you are being prescribed anything take care.
Basic cushions and stool provided. There is a traditional shrine area with rupa and things
Microwave There is one there
Mice repellents: There are 3 very effective electronic repellents in use and we haven't seen a mouse since.
Mobile phones : most networks can get a signal either in the cabin or within 10 metres
Night clothes : It is a cabin and although double glazed and insulated bring warm clothes in winter.
Postcards There are some there for you to use/take. (Please leave a small donation)
Puja Book There is one there on the bookcase shelf
Radio A small CD player with radio is available but kept in the shed by request of those on Solitary Retreats .
Shrine There are vaious Rupas, a Vajra and puja book, meditation cushions + blocks
Slippers : Muddy shoes best left by kitchen door. Some Wellies in shed.
Smoke / CO2 Detector - insert batteries upon arrival
Soap powder : Please bring if you intend to wash out clothes etc
Soup whizzer Nice new one thanks to Padmagita
Stone? : Speak to Peter about the future granite wall ! Paving slabs?
Stove Log burning stove and no shortage of wood! (there is a cast iron stew pot.. excellent for soups/stews)
Tea light candles : For your shrine - NO NAKED FLAMES TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED for even a minute
Tea Towels : Please bring 1 clean and take away 1 used. (there are a few there usually but this helps us)
Telescope Reflecting telescope provided with Astral charts and a Moon Map for star gazers!
Television There is a tv there. Please put it in the shed for your stay if you don’t want to use it.
Tent There is a top quality 4 room ‘breathable’ tent available by arrangement
Tissues + Toilet Paper : some usually there but bring a spare!
Toilet There is a bio-friendly chemical outside toilet (Shed with a light!) (New flushing Toilet installed 2010)
Toaster Yes
Torch There are 2 that take AA and AAA size batteries
WATER: May 2011 we were at last connected and now have hot and cold water - (Deep winter it can freeze so bottle some)
Mineral Water 8 Litres for £3.50 Bottled spring water is available by arrangement (when we provide transport)
Stream Water:Some people do use the stream water for the plants and even boil it for cooking. I use it but up to you! (Peter)
Wellington Boots: There are 5 pairs of various sizes in the woodshed

If you can think of anything else that would be handy there please let us know.



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